We’ve taken the plunge! 

Yes, I’ve taken the plunge and started to put some of my books on Amazon before I write any more. 

It’s a year since I wrote the first  book for Maia, my little granddaughter and in that time six more have materialised.

The Trouble is that I love the ‘creating’ process but do not like all that is involved with publishing!  That is the time and research and form filling etc etc etc.  For me, too, a book isn’t just a book because the characters in my books, the ‘Jumbles’ are also committed to producing learning programs for my YouTube channel and that is very time consuming. 

​​I must admit, however that putting even the first book on KDP was quite painless and subsequent books, I’m sure will be a breeze!  

I’ve not decided yet whether to go into print with them. Currently I just have a few copies of my books printed myself so I can give out to family and friends. Some schools have also shown an interest so a bit of serious thinking to be done.  So, two books on Amazon and five  to go. 

   The JUMBLES Website.              The JUMBLES channel.                        My Author Page


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